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Galvan Torque T-6 Fly Reel Green

Galvan Torque T-6 Fly Reel Green
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Crowning the Galvan lineup, the Torque Series reels embody a lifelong love for fly-fishing and a passion for unmatched reel design - a testament to the apex of modern fly reel engineering. The Torque reel series was born out of Boni's desire for a game-changing reel, complete with a more robust drag system than any available at that time, all wrapped in a sleek package.

The Torque reel, Boni's fourth reel series, was the pioneer to incorporate our now universally-used Torque drag system. Its journey began in late 2002, with prototypes breathing life in 2003. After rigorous testing and refinement, it was unveiled to the public in 2004, instantly winning the 2004 Editor’s Choice in Fly Fish America and clinching the third spot in the recent Yellowstone Angler’s 8-wt reel shootout, outperforming many competitors in both function and affordability. Its singular style and innovative porting have solidified Galvan's standing as a trailblazer in the industry.

The eye-catching Torque reels owe their aesthetics to the distinctive cut-outs on the frame, spool, drag knob, and reel foot. This design isn't just pleasing to the eye, but it also significantly lightens the reel's weight while boosting strength and rigidity. The rounded rims of both the spool and frame augment durability, allowing it to stand up to the rigors of extreme angling conditions.

On first contact, the reel commands attention, and from the inaugural crank of the balanced, contoured spool, the quality of the reel becomes undeniable. It's an elegant combination of efficiency and simplicity, with a clear focus on function. Here, less truly is more, including the cost, as Torque reels retail at half the price of their peers.

The Torque Series reels are safe for saltwater and guaranteed to deliver a faultless performance in the toughest conditions. From the secluded alpine lakes to the expansive saltwater flats, the well-ventilated spool and frame pair perfectly with the lightest fly rods of today and also beautifully complement a modern big-game saltwater fly rod. The Torque is as durable as they come, artfully marrying future-forward technology with time-honored traditions.




  Model &  Diameter   Spool  Width   Weight(oz.)   Line  Weights   Line    Capacity   Yards Micron  Backing   (lbs.) Micron  Backing
  T- 3 (3.0)   .85″   4.2   2-3   WF-2-F /  WF-3-F   75 yd / 50 yd   20 lb
  T- 4 (3.25)   .85″   4.5   4-5   WF-4-F /  WF-5-F   100 yd / 75 yd   20 lb
  T- 5 (3.5)   .90″   4.8   5-6   WF-5-F /  WF-6-F   125 yd / 100 yd   20 lb
  T-6 (3.75)   .95″   5.2   6-7   WF-6-F /  WF-7-F   150 yd / 125 yd   20 lb
  T-7 (3.875)   1.1″   6.3   7   WF-7-F   150 yd   20 lb
  T- 8 (4.0)   1.25″   7.6   8   WF-8-F   200 yd   20 lb
  T-9 (4.125)   1.25″   7.9   9   WF-9-F   200 yd   20 lb
  T-10 (4.25)   1.35″   8.2   10   WF-10-F   250 yd   30 lb
  T-12 (4.5)   1.35″   8.6   12   WF-12-F   300 yd   30 lb



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Free shipping on orders over $50
Orders placed before 3pm EST will ship same business day. *excluding Mondays
8063 Main St., Dexter, Mi 48130