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Hareline Touch Dub Wax

Hareline Touch Dub Wax
Hareline Touch Dub Wax
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Hareline's Touch Dub Wax is a high-quality fly tying material used to help dubbing adhere to your tying thread. This wax has a sticky texture that makes it easier to apply and control the amount of dubbing you use, resulting in a more precise and consistent dubbing application.




  • Ideal for creating evenly distributed and tightly packed dubbing bodies on your flies
  • Helps to prevent your dubbing from slipping or sliding out of place during the fly tying process
  • Easy to apply and remove from your tying thread
  • Won't leave a residue or damage your tying thread
  • Durable and long-lasting material that will hold up to repeated use


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Dexter, MI 48130
(734)-580-2102, (734) 748-9884