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Goal Zero

Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro USB Rechargeable Lantern

Perfect for the weight-conscious backpacker.

Goal Zero AAA Rechargeable Batteries 4-PK

Rechargable batteries to use over and over.

Goal Zero AA Rechargeable Batteries 4-PK

Designed to be used again and again.

Goal Zero Venture 30 + Nomad 7 Solar Kit

Weather resistant solar panel and portable charger.

Goal Zero Venture 70 Power Bank

A weatherproof charger for when nature isn't nice.

Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Chainable USB Light

Bright mini USB light with 110 Lumens and collapsible diffus..

Goal Zero Chroma Crush Light

Lightweight and easy to pack, the colorful Crush Light Chrom..

Goal Zero Sherpa 40 Power Bank

Slim and powerful with 12,000mAh and 4.8A USB combined outpu..
$79.95 $59.95

Goal Zero Torch 250

The most reliable emergency LED light for any situation. Bui..

Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus

A compact and innovative design for the perfect travelling s..

Goal Zero Venture 30

Rugged and ready, the Venture 30 features 7,800mAh to keep y..

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini

The powerful Lighthouse Mini Lantern and USB Power Hub comma..

Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern & USB Power Hub

This bright lantern also charges your phone, so it's the onl..

Goal Zero Crush Light

Hang it, light it, crush it. A solar-powered lantern designe..
Free shipping on orders over $75
(734) 580-2102
8063 Main St. Dexter, Mi 48130